Taiwan Government Collaborates With NVIDIA To Improve AI Capability


Taiwan Ministry Of Science & technology has made an official announcement just post the Computex 2018 that they have collaborated with NVIDIA to improve Taiwan’s Artificial Intelligence capability. This collaboration will be there for a decade so that NVIDIA build local deep learning.

This collaboration will cover 5 key areas that will improve Taiwan’s AI & those are research, super computing infrastructure, training, startup & innovations. The collaboration says that both the parties will invest in NVIDIA’s HGX-2 which considered as one of the most advanced technology that fuse AI with high performing computing.

Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of Nvidia said “Taiwan was at the center of the PC revolution and now it is investing to play an important role in the next era of computing. With the essential infrastructure and tools, the rich talent in Taiwan’s schools and industry will create world-changing breakthroughs in science and society.

Later Taiwan’s premier, Willian Lai said “Taiwan is committed to be an important global player in the AI ecosystem.

With this collaboration NVIDIA will have a huge benefit to grow it’s Deep Learning Institute (DLI) in Taiwan where developers in Taiwan will have a huge opportunity to work on the latest AI capability. With this Collaboration we could see more AI startups in Taiwan, who will work under the surveillance of Taiwan government.

In this collaboration both the parties will invest accordingly to develop AI solution. This new developing AI for Taiwan will be used in verticals like healthcare, safety, manufacturers & transportation.

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