The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Event Planner – 2020


Guide To Corporate Event Planner

If you have an organization and planning to organize an event, then there are many things that you should keep in mind. Whether its a success party for your employees or launching a product or service. It brings all your organization employees to one place. Whereas, this is where a corporate event planner comes into play. Here you have to follow some of the important basic rules of corporate event planning guide. So in this article, you will find details about the list of best Guide to Corporate Event Planner

Exactly What is Corporate Event Planning

First of all, it is not like an office meeting or conference. These corporate event planning come into play when you are organizing corporate hospitality, client entertaining, conventions, exhibitions, and employee events. However, employee events consist of incentive travel reward programs, team building, motivational events, receptions, parties, and charity fundraising days.

Corporate event Planning for the above-given events is not an easy task. It takes months of planning and consists of several stages and steps to the Corporate event. In fact, many organizations hire a team of corporate event planners. SYNC Production is a professional event planning company.

Do You Know The Types Of Corporate Event?

Below you will find some of the types of corporate events. Also, you will find the Ultimate guide to all the types of corporate event planning.

Mini Or Simple Events

Basically, these types of events are organized for up to 100 peoples. Whereas, we can say that these kinds of events are like a meeting or training sessions for peoples. These types of events are organized in a small room and involves room booking, presentation facilities, break-out refreshments, and registration. These kinds of mini-events become difficult when planning for 50 senior managers and, becomes easy to plan for 500 attendees.

Small Size Events

The range for the small size events are 100-250 People maximum. For these events, corporate event planners need to plan for several break-out sessions, along with lunch, refreshments, audio-visual facilities, online registration, and transport for all the people. Whereas, these events can be seminars, training days or departmental conferences.

Average Size Events

These events are planned if you are planning for a company-wide conferences, summits or product launch. These events basically organized and planned for up to 1000 peoples. These events consist of two planning pre-event plans and a post-event plan. In this mid-sized event, peoples may need hotel accommodation, plus transport which takes attendees to and from the venue. So, planners have to plan according to that.

Large Events

These types of events need some experienced team or technology team to handle factors like hotel room bookings, flights booking, budgets, and online registration for all the people. Also, these kinds of events need planning for Staffing, catering, registration, speaker and member management. These events may run for multi-days so you have to plan according to that like offsite activities, dinners, partner programs, an awards ceremony or other complex itinerary planning.

Budgets For The Events

To get a clear idea of the events budgets then we will need to check whether this kind of event took place before in the organization. If organized previously, then you go with the previous budget baseline and ensure the inflation and evolving needs are taking into consideration. The budget for events may include every aspect of events like catering, entertainment, technology, and staffing, etc.

If you figured out the supplier costings and other expenditures, then make a list for all the budget line items for the event. Most of the corporate companies hire a professional corporate event planner for the events. Like that you can also find a corporate event planner. For eg, if you select a company like SYNC Productions they will help you with all the required details about the corporate event planner.

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