Chinese Beats BE-13 Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Chinese Beats BE-13 Bluetooth Speaker Review
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I just came across this replica of the Beats Bluetooth Speaker. This not the original Beats, but a Chinese product. This Bluetooth Mini Speaker is a high performing with low frequency dynamics. You can play music with TF card, audio input, and also through PC’s and Laptop. This Bluetooth speaker is really cheap. It cost me around INR: 1,400 (Hike in price with a better upgraded version) i.e. USD $9 (discontinued).

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Bluetooth 2.1 +ERS
Transmission Distance 10 meters
Output 3W
Frequency 100Hz – 18, 000Hz
Speaker 4 Ohms
Input Power DC 5v


  1. Bluetooth Connectivity
  2. Memory function. Resume playback
  3. Inbuilt titanium battery
  4. High Frequency Speakers (It make the sound more natural)
  5. Supports 3.5mm headphone jack
  6. Built-in microphone
  7. Phone calling support

Design & Feature (5/10)

They have made it very simple. This Bluetooth Speaker measures a width of 10.39mm and 2.16mm in height respectively. It has a smooth texture and is easy to use. You can play mp3 with the following 3 connectivity options:

  1. DC 5V/USB
  2. TF
  3. Aux (3.5 mm jack)

This wireless speaker can run for 4-5 hours. When the battery get’s low you will realize it by its decrease in the volume. The only thing that I didn’t like was, the material quality it is built with. The material used to build this speaker is quite cheap. But, on the context of the price range it’s affordable and worth buying.

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Sound: (7.5/10)


Talking about speakers, Sound is what people are looking for. This Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is good in sound. When you increase the volume full up, you start getting a disturbing sound and it is because of the Chinese quality speaker in it.

The speaker installed is of a cheap quality, but it really gives you a good output. One of the glitch that cannot be ignored is the speaker being with high treble. But, looking at the overall quality, material, sound and price, I would personally say yes to this.

How To Operate?

I thing you would like to know is, operating this. Here is the total guide that will help you to know operate this Chinese Bluetooth Speaker.

  1. To Switch It On and Off: Long press on the power button for few seconds to boot up and shutdown.
  2. Play and Pause: Single press on the power button to play or pause the music.
  3. Next And Previous: Single press on the “>>” button for next and “<<” for previous song.
  4. Volume Up And Down: Long press the “+” button to increase the volume and long press the “-” to get the volume down.
  5. How To Pair With The Bluetooth Device:

Definitely you will want to connect the device with your gadget to listen to the songs loud. To do that Just follow the two simple steps:

  1. Turn on the Chinese Beats BE-13 Bluetooth Speakers.
  2. Being Default mode to Bluetooth, you just have to turn on the Bluetooth in your phone and connect it to the device.

Now you are good to go with this amazing Bluetooth Speakers. If you have liked the product or want to know more about it, feel free to ask us.

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  • Andrea

    Hello GeekSnipper,

    I have the Bluetooth Speaker BE-13 since two days. Now it is not more working. The blue light is on, but it is no connection. It is not more speaking with me. I put a long time the button for shut down. But it is everytime on and not out.
    Do you know that this speaker has a “reset”-button?
    Thanks for anwser.
    Best regard Andrea

    • Chiranjeevi Bhattarai

      Did you tried to connect it directly?

      Connect it directly, will ensure if the speaker is working or not. If in case not, then you know that you need to look for the other one.

      • Andrea


        thank you for your answer.

        I have a second question. Do you know what i have to do to reset the speaker?

        To explain my question:

        It is not possible shut down the speaker by the “shut down” – button.

        Best regards

        • Chiranjeevi Bhattarai

          I have gone through the manual and haven’t found any reset button there.
          I would request you to try to charge and give it a final try to see if it works. If not take it for repair.

  • Andrea

    i am so happy. my speaker is working! 🙂

    I make only a simple thing:
    i wait and wait and wait without recharge of the shut down from the speaker.
    then i am recharge the speaker for three oder four hours ….
    AND NOW:

    thats all.


    • Jack

      Could u explain that once again but good

  • Kalpesh Mhatre

    Yesterday I purchase beats BE-13 .
    How to change mode Bluetooth to pen drive & memory cards ?

    • Chiranjeevi Bhattarai

      Just turn off your bluetooth device and plug in your Pen drive/memory card and hit the play button it will work.

  • Ollie

    I have had mine for about 18 months and love it and the battery is still good for 4-5 hours but I wondered how I will go about changing the the battery when it eventually stops recharging as it looks like a sealed unit. I think I have to remove the grill but don’t want to try yet in case I break it.
    Thank you in advance for your advice.

    • Chiranjeevi Bhattarai

      Hello Ollie,

      yes this unit is a sealed one and once you remove the seal you will see the loosing of this device. Apart from that it will start giving shitty sound as there will be a lot of room to pass air in it, which will give a muddy sound. I would personally won’t try doing this, because i won’t the sound i get it right now.

  • Rim

    My Beats BE13 speaker stopped to work suddenly, even the on/off button. What should I do?

    • Hi Rim,

      This chinese speakers has a very loose buttons and hence this is common. I had the same issue earlier with this device, i just did a small soldering on the buttons so that it works better.

      Go to the nearby electronics repair shop & see if the buttons have got loose connections.

      This might help.

  • Raiff

    I didn’t know how to use this speaker in the aux mode… can you help and explain how can I do it?

    • Hi Raiff,

      That’s really easy. Long press the power button & when the device gets on, it will by-default be in the bluetooth mode. Switch the mode to normal mode and plug your aux.
      That’s all….

      • César Mayorga

        how do I switch the mode to normal mode?

        • short press the switch key to change the mode…

          • gggg

            when i open it the lights are blinking fast how do i switch it back to bluetooth mode

  • Raja Dey

    Hi I got this BE13 chinese beats bluetooth speaker. But the bluetooth I cant reset. After I connected to one of my windows phones. Its always telling me wrong Pin or Password. Now as I have changed my phone. Please if you could help me.

    • Hi Raja,

      This speaker never ask for any password/pin.
      For any phone you just have to turn the bluetooth on and pair it with your device.
      Can you please tell us which mobile device you have with you now?


      • brighan bebwa

        I have the same problem like for Raja….

  • Caio Mar

    I went through 2 of these in a month! The first one froze with the blue light on and would not respond. Now the second one was working just fine this morning and now it won’t turn on. I push the on button and the blue light goes on, and it goes off if i release it. Yes, it it charged. Basically, this be-13 is a piece of crap.

    • Dark

      I found a solution to that same issue on my BE-13 bluetooth speaker problem, that when you try powering it, as long as you keep the power button pressed, all you see is the blue light, just dimmer than normal, and when you release it, it turns off.

      Find a long object like a paperclip, or a toothpick and insert it in the audio jack. There should be a button inside.
      Press that button and it should work, trust me, i disassembled this device 2 times to find the issue and i was puzzled when i found that button inside.
      After i pressed it, and powered it, it worked just fine.

      MAJOR TIP!
      DO NOT, in any circumstance, power it whilst is connected to the 5v USB cable. It will make the bug re appear.

      • Caio Mar

        Thanks for the info Dark! I got it to work doing something similar to what you described. I had to disassemble it, disconnect and reconnect the battery and that unfroze the device. What I also discovered was that if I disconnect and reconnect the battery, use a USB cable to plug it to the computer and then disconnect the battery again, the computer would keep it powered. That’s how I ended up using it for a while. But in the end, it’s a piece of crap. I bought a JBL bluetooth speaker, much more expensive but so far I am happy I did. Sound is great, quality is great, multiple devices can be connected, battery life is pretty good too… lesson taught. Again, thanks for sharing your solution!

  • elcotin1

    mine just froze, how can i unfreeze it?´s making a very annoying buzzing

    • Monster Energy

      open and remove battery for a while

  • I am having problemns conecting it to my PC. How can I get it’s drive?

    • There are no drivers you get with this Chinese speakers…..

      • 🙁

        Well… Sh*t.

        Can I, I don’t know, upgrade my bluetooth and hope it accept my speaker?

        • This BE 13 is really a moody Speakers… We had a lot of issues because sometimes it works really well and sometimes it doesn’t. We would suggest you to check with other cheap brand bluetooth speakers and check if it works properly…

  • Himanshu Gupta

    While trying to connect my Samsung S3 with BE13 Bluetooth phone is displaying ” Unable to communicate with BE13″
    Kindly help

    • Please see that if the Beats BE13 has the same protocols as the S3 that is Bluetooth v4.0.

      Did you try with the cable jack?

  • halp mee

    mine just froze, how can i unfreeze it? the blue light is still on and no buttonst are working it´s making a very annoying buzzing

    • Hey,

      It is sad, but it’s time to replace your device. Being a cheap hardware and construction, it tend to happen..

      • Visitor

        Mine did the same thing. You have to open the device and dicconnect the battery for a while. After connecting battery again mine worked just fine again.
        Opening the device is simple. You just have to remove the metallic grill and screws could be found under that.

    • Draco Flamel

      This model has built in FM Radio, you just accidentally got into Radio Mode, somehow you just pressed the ON button twice, when you do that it changes to FM Radio and thats why you hear that “annoying buzzing”, its the radio! if you press >>+ or <<- buttons you sintonize the stations. All you gotta do to get back to Bluetooth mode is press ON button twice again and it will go to AUX Mode, then do it once more and it will finally get back to Bluetooth mode.

  • Monster Energy

    how to know when this device is fully charged, i use Pc to charge… please tell me <3

  • Francisco Garcia

    Hi! Please, anyone knows how to eliminate the initial message and bluetooth message connection from this device?

  • Bia

    How can I disable the voice alert like this one “the bluetooth ins connect sucessfully”?

  • Noops


    Just need to know when playing a USB drive, how can we switch between folders

    • Hi, you can’t do that. It will play random..

  • tanvir singh saini

    Why is my device saying can’t communicate to be-13..pls reply

    • We have never spotted this error before, but i think one of the devices is not able to connect to the other that’s the reason why the BE13 is not able to communicate with your device.

      Check the Bluetooth version of both the devices.

      • brighan bebwa

        Hi geeksnipper my phone can’t pair with B13 …and it tells me incorrect passkey and I don’t know it. How can I make it to pair.?

  • khaled

    HI GeekSnipper,
    Thank you for such a lovely topic. I have the B13, it can pair with my phone, but cant pair with my laptop. I need an updated driver file for the peripheral for win7 starter 32bits. Any help please????

    • Hi Khaled,

      This is basically the protocol that you have to follow.

      • Sunday Durven

        Hello Geeksnipper, Please whats the protocol to follow when connecting the B13 bluetooth device to a HP Window 7?

        • Just make sure that the Bluetooth version matches. Or else directly connect with a 3.5mm jack

  • Mark Lasater

    I have the be-13 and it just recently started shutting off for no reason when it is fully charged but it will come back on but only for a few minutes anyone know how to fix this problem

  • Jacob Babu

    My BE-13 is connected successfully.. But it didn’t play music now. It was working properly till yesterday.. What can I do now?

  • Elie Chaaya

    My BE-13 was doing well till today. It won’t turn on and it still gives from inside a blue light. What would be the problem plz replyy !

    • Will Allanson

      Its the charging light

  • Elie Chaaya

    My BE-13 was doing well till today. It won’t turn on and it still gives from inside a blue light. What would be the problem plz replyy !

  • Mong Mabbs

    Mine is doing fine so far. My concern here is when i press the volume up, it decreases the volume? Is there any way to reset this? Thanks

  • Tanisha

    My charging port was broken nd now i was not able to charge. How i will chrge it with other charging pin?

  • Jigyasa Arora

    My BE – 13 is not charging

  • module

    why does my BE 13 bluetooth speaker take long to pair with my samsung tablet 10.1


    None of my phones detect the bluetooth signal, How to reset?

    • Pieter Damste

      Hey, I saw this answer further down, from Draco Flamel, very useful!, so now you can connect it with a normal 3.5mm cable, use de radio (did you know it has a radio? I didn’t) and maybe with Bluetooth, just press the start button twice after it’s switched on and you can change to radio or aux or bluetooth. Our phones can’t connect to it anymore but at least we can use the 3.5 cable between the cellphones or laptops and even use the radio.
      Here is that answer that helped me:
      Draco Flamel halp mee • 2 years ago
      This model has built in FM Radio, you just accidentally got into Radio Mode, somehow you just pressed the ON button twice, when you do that it changes to FM Radio and thats why you hear that “annoying buzzing”, its the radio! if you press >>+ or <<- buttons you sintonize the stations. All you gotta do to get back to Bluetooth mode is press ON button twice again and it will go to AUX Mode, then do it once more and it will finally get back to Bluetooth mode.
      •Reply•Share ›

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