Power banks nowadays have become so important to carry. But, there are so many options to buy & it becomes really tough for any individual to choose the right Power bank for them. In most of the case, who buy PoweBank for the 2nd time have either misplaced or might have damaged by accident. We can’t really help for those which are misplaced, but for those who are looking for a PowerBank which is tough and undamageable, then we have a Powerbank for you.

Today we are reviewing Ambrane’s new PowerBank that is the Ambrane W-11, which comes with a 10,050mAh battery. We have been using this PowerBank for a month and we have found that the PowerBank is really tough and is one of the best PowerBanks we have used so far. So, here is our complete review for Ambrane WP-11 10,050mAh PowerBank.

Design & Built

AMBRANE WP-11 Design

The Ambrane WP-11 comes with a very unique design. The PowerBank is covered with a blue and black colored case. We are not sure what exactly the material is, but we are quite sure that the material used is military grade.

The company makes the power bank very hand with the holder that you will find at the bottom. It has a hook-like design at the bottom, where you can hold the power bank on your bag or can also use it to hold your keys.

One of the great things about this power bank is, no matter how many times you drop it; you will find it works fine. According to the company, the material they have used can easily take drops without damaging the power bank. The power bank comes in the dimension of 17 x 10 x 4 cm which makes it a very pocket-friendly power bank.


AMBRANE WP-11 PowerBank Light

The Power bank can be used for two purposes. One to charge your smartphone & then you can use the Power bank as a torch. To activate the torch, you will find a button at the side of the torch. You only have to double press the button to turn the torch on.


Being a 10,050mAh battery, it is quite obvious that the power bank will take quite a time to completely charge. This PowerBank comes with 5V/2A Input and 5V/2.1A power supply. One of the best thing that makes this PowerBank different from others is it’s Water Proof, Shock Proof & Dust Proof design, which makes this PowerBank more durable.

Charging Time:

Time Taken: 7:00PM to 10:40PM – 3 hours 40 minutes

It is quite obvious that the power bank takes a good amount of time to charge and that is obvious because of the 10050mAh huge battery it holds. As compared to other power banks the time taken to charge is approx the same, but the Ambrane WP-11 is around 20 minutes on the side.


Overall the Powerbank is quite handy. The build quality of this PowerBank is meant to take any drop & can also survive even if it’s drained in water. This Ambrane 10,050mAh PowerBank offers different price online. The Ambrane WP-11 comes from INR 1,500 to 1,799 online & this PowerBank is worth buying.