Rollr Mini Review – Smart Device, Better App For Tracking Your Car & Its Performance


Most of the time, when you are out on a car (partners/friends car), they worry if the whole journey if save & worry hope that nothing has happen to the car & you. What if I tell you that there is a device that helps to monitor your cars real-time performance, no matter where you are. An Indian Startup Rollr has introduced an amazing & simply engineered device called Roll Mini.

All you have to do is, plug the Rollr device to your OBD port, install the app & you are good to go. After using this device for a month here is the detail review of the Rollr Mini.


  1. Easy to install
  2. Budget friendly
  3. Monitor engines performance.


  1. Not a waterproof device.


Actually there is nothing special to say about the design of this gadget. This is a simply an ODB port connector that connects to any vehicle that supports ODB port.  It comes in a tiny box like design with ODB ports connecter.

App Plays The Important Role:

When it comes to the Rollr Mini, the important role is played by the app. The app gives you access to real time monitoring for your car (car in which the Rollr Mini is added). The app is quite good, but has some glitches that can be rectified in the next version. To know the detail about the app we will go through every feature in segments for a better understanding.

Real Time Update:

The purpose this device was made to monitor your vehicles real time experience. With this app you can set your speed limit & the app will update you when the device crosses the speed limit. This ensure a clear indication the purpose of security. With this app you can monitor:

  1. When the car was driven
  2. What is the speed
  3. Locate where the car is located/ where it is moving
  4. Car health

These are few of the amazing real time features that you can monitor via the Rollr Mini.

How Good You Drive (Rollr Score)

I believe that this feature is specially made for parents. With this feature, you can check how many times the hard accel was done, how hard the break was pressed, how any time the car crossed the speed limit & also idling.

The app calculates all these parameters before showing the final score. The higher  the better.

How to Install?

Installing Rollr Mini is easier than you expect. You just have to follow few steps and you are don.

  1. Connect The Rollr Mini To Your Car: As soon as you get a Rollr Mini device, make sure that you connect the device to the OBD port of your car.
  2. Download & Install Rollr Mini App: One you are done with installing the device, you now have to download & install the Rollr Mini app. You can find the app on both Android & iOS.
  3. Sign-In To Rollr Mini: After you install the app, make sure to sign in to device.
    • You just have to add your email address & phone number.
    • As soon as you fill the detail the app will send a SMS with the activation code to activate the device.
  4. Activate Rollr Mini: After sign-in you need to activate your device & connect with the Rollr Mini app.
    • Tap on “Add” -> Select Rollr Mini
    • Tap on Activate (If you already have a device)/ Buy (To buy the device)
    • Once tapped on activate you will have to add the Serial number of the device, name it and tap Next.
    • Once tapped next you will have to type the 6 digit activation code that you have received when you have purchased.
  5. Fill Your Car Detail: Once you have done with the above steps, the final step remaining is adding your vehicle detail so that the device to detect.

Once you add the details you ca now track your vehicle & the engine performance.


This is a very smart device that can really change a lot of thing on your life. It is simple & easy to use. The only down side of this device is not being waterproof.

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