Epson EB-X31 is a projector and to be said is one of the best projectors that comes with the 3LCD technology & comes under a mid-range projector. It has the aspect ratio of 4:3 with the resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, which means it is the ideal projector for HD videos. This is one of the best options until now that I have used.


Connectivity Options: 7/10

The Epson EB-X31 comes with a lot of connectivity option which are USB Display port, a USB 2.0, Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n (optional), VGA in, HDMI in, Composite in, S-Video in, & Cinch audio in. The USB Display supports Type A & Type B.

The downfall of this projector is that it does not supports a microphone connection, but i don’t feel it as a major issue.

Built Quality & Design: 7/10

EPSON EB-X31 Review

The built quality of the Epson EB-X31 is strong, which is made up of hard plastic. Holding it, the body of the EX-X31 feels premium. Looking at the design front, the projector looks quite decent. There is no X-factor in design, but overall it looks quite professional. It has heat vapor out on the front & one at the back to Emmett heat.

The only issue i feel is that the projector make noise.

When I was busy operating the machine, I found some amazing modes that are Blackboard, Cinema, Dynamic, Presentation, sRGB, where Dynamic was one of my favorite modes.


Image Quality:

Having just a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, I felt that on the bigger screen it might get pixelated, but when checked I failed. The image quality remains the same for a 40 -inch screen to a 60-inch screen. Talking about the focus lens in this projector, I would say it “Perfect.” You can smoothly transit from out of focus to focus.

The sharpness of the image with Epson EX-X31 is flawless. Playing videos or watching HD images looks perfect (especially on a 60-inch screen).


At the end of the verdict for Epson EB-X31 is would just say “go for it.” This can be an ideal projector for those who have a lower budget but want a better projector.



  1. Good to read this…. as I just bought one from Amazon to replace a very cheap projector we use outdoors in Sri Lanka….looking forward to our next film night to see the difference …I was tempted to buy a projector from Ali express for around £150 …but .,it was too risky

    • It will not effect the lens that much, but the dust will surely effect the heat pipe by blocking the way out for heat..

      But, If you are ok with that, then till 2-5 years you can still manage it well.

    • Hi Renjith,

      To be frank i have tested the product for straight 2 hours & did not feel any heating issue. Yes the projector got a bit warm. I guess using it for 4 hours might make it a bit heat, but guess that’s fine until your cooling fan is working fine..