Philips she1360/97 Wired Headphone Review: The Disposable One


Leading electronics manufacturer Philips is no stranger to the budget segment of the headphones market, but among their various offerings the cheapest one is the Philips SHE1360/97 wired headphones. Philips headphones are designed for those who want a expensive headphone quality that suits their pocket.  Originally launched in 2009 as, no prizes for guessing, a best budget headphone. The SHE1360 over the years has undergone several price cuts, owing to the introduction of newer models. However, being a relatively old and inexpensive model is no excuse for it to be a bad pair of headphones. Especially when we compare it to its key competitors namely, unbranded Chinese headphones.


  • Lightweight
  • Loud, with adequate bass
  • Cheap


  • Poor quality of materials
  • Prone to damage if tugged hard or exposed to sweat

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First Impressions:

The packaging here is unimpressive, just a plastic carton with the headphones, no accessories provided. Once in hand, the obvious comes to the fore, cheap plastic buds, rubberized cable that tangles easily and a regular straight 3.5mm plug (not gold coated).


The standout feature that makes the Philips SHE1360/97 Headphone worth your money, is the well-publicized “Bass Vents”. The ergonomic shape of the ear buds ensures that the headphones fit lightly on your ears for a comfortable listening experience. The lack of cushioning means it does allow ambient noise to creep in. But that doesn’t sully the overall experience.

Audio Quality:

On expected lines the Audio Quality is bearable. The large 15mm diameter driver ensured audio is loud enough, while the “Bass Vents” allow for adequate levels of bass to shine though. Albeit all this comes at the cost of clarity, which although not entirely lacking, is slightly lower. But all that is acceptable keeping in mind the intended use.


The Philips she1360/97 Headphone has been a long standing contender when it comes to ultra low budget headphones. With a no frills package, low key design it might fail to impress on the outside. But plugged in it delivers a standard, satisfactory experience, which more than justifies the price you paid for it. We would go as far as to say that if it were to cost double of what it does, it would still be very much worth.

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