Huawai To Get Foldable Smartphone Ahead Of Samsung


Foldable Smartphone

We are already aware of Samsung working on a foldable smartphone concept. It was not just Samsung. At the end of May we had seen Huawai’s Foldable smartphone concept & after that there were more rumors about the foldable displays and batteries.

We were all waiting for Samsung to get their first foldable smartphone, but this does not seems to happening soon. Today Nikkei reported that ahead of Samsung, Huawei will be the first smartphone to launch the Foldable Smartphone.

According to the source, Huawei is not planning to blast with the foldable smartphone after their first launch, but are planning a volume 30,000 for the first wave. The idea here is to just demonstrate the technology to the people through media.

With this, Huawai’s plan is quite clear. Huawai is planning to set his mark being the first brand to launch forlable smartphone. At the same time, they are planning to distribute this product with media to just create an hype of the foldable smartphone device.

Huawai will be having BOE’s foldable display & we had seen the move by BOE in the late October.

There is no specific date enclosed by the brand, but Jeff Pu, Yuanta Investment Consulting analyst said that the product will hit the market by early 2019. Along with Huawei Samsung will also release their foldable smartphone at their 10th Anniversary.

We still think that Samsung is at the safer side, as they will have time to improve the flaws after watching Huawei foldable smartphone performance. Even if Huawei is to make a successful launch will be a motivation for Samsung to release the smartphone bulk for orders.

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