403 Forbidden Error – A Google Play Error

XYZ Application could not be downloaded due to an error” or Request is Forbidden. These are the common forms in which the above mentioned error occurs. This is faced by users when they attempt to download and install or update an app from Google Play Store.

What is Error 403?

This error is an indication that the Google Play Store server deemed the request to be forbidden. This may be due to Google’s traffic shaping policies and sometimes gets fixed on waiting for a few hours. However, the same can also be due to installation of APK files from other sources or other Google accounts thereby leading to conflict.

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When it occurs?

Users who attempt to install apps from Google Play Store face this error frequently. Generally it can be caused when alternative google accounts have been used to purchase apps on the same device or when APK files from unknown sources have been loaded into the device and then attempted to be installed. In Addition, Google’s servers’ internal traffic shaping policies can also lead to the same message being displayed.


It is always advisable for users to purchase apps from legitimate sources via Google Play Store and not download APK files from unknown sources on the internet. This can lead to infection of the Android device with spyware or viruses. Moreover, if purchases of software is to be made the same must be done in a proper manner with a single Google Account. Clearing App Store cache and search history can also prevent this error.

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Methods to Solve:

Method 1:

  1. Access the SYNCED ACCOUNTS menu present on the system by visiting system settings and under the same visit GOOGLE ACCOUNTS. Removed the Google Account linked to the device.
  2. Navigate to Settings once again and go to APPS and then under the ALL APPS tab clear data and cache for Google Play Store, Google Service Framework and Download Manager
  3. Once the above is done, Add the Google account that had been removed from ACCOUNTS menu and start SYNC.
  4. Perform a full system restart and accept terms and conditions messages if any
  5. Start Google Play store and update the same

Method 2 Clearing Proxy:

  1. Under SETTINGS, navigate to WIRELESS AND NETWORKS menu and then MOBILE NETWORKS
  2. Under APN (Access Point Name), Go to MOWAP and then Edit
  3. Choose the CLEAR PROXY option
  4. After this Google Play Store should be able to run the installation desired

Method 3 Router Proxy Settings:

  1. Navigate to ROUTER CONFIGURATION if using a Wifi Router and you have, access to the same. For this refer to the manual of the router and access its settings by typing the IP address in the Browser.
  2. If PROXY has been selected under FILTER SETTINGS, De-select it.
  3. If COOKIES is selected, de-select that too
  4. Re-run Google Store and try again
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Method 4 Secondary Google account

  1. User has to create a second account in Google
  2. Under SYSTEM SETTINGS, navigate to SYNCED ACCOUNTS and then choose Google
  3. Remove the existing Google Account and enter details of the newly created account
  4. Re-initiate the installation process

Method 5 Browser Fix:    

This fix requires the user to access Google Store from one’s PC.

  1. Open Google Chrome and sign-in to your account
  1. From Google Store, find the App that is required for download or purchase, and open its access page
  2. On the “install” or “purchase” button, right click and press “inspect element.”
  3. Above the row that will be highlighted. Here several lines of programming will appear, from this Locate the “data-ispurchased=”true” code (near the bottom of the paragraph).
  4. Double click on the “true” in data-is purchased=”true” and change it to “false” then press ENTER.
  5. Now click on “installed” or “purchased” button to proceed with installation.