Error 24 – App Installing/Upgradable Problem | Know How To Solve It


Error 24 or Unknown Error Code during Application Install is another error which users face during the installation, up gradation or updating of apps either new or existing on their Android powered devices.

What is Error 24?

This error like most others discussed above affects users who are attempting to install apps on their android system. The root cause of this is the way in which files are stored in the installation directory and does not imply corruption of the apps themselves.

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When it Occurs?

This error unlike other unknown errors has its roots not in generic causes but due to an inherent feature during installation which leads to generation and overwriting of multiple files of the same name inside the installation directory of Android system. For eg: A folder named Data inside the storage directory will be overwritten with another folder of the same name when the app is updated, this redundancy is not eliminated even when files are manually deleted and hence requires careful intervention.

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Users cannot take any specific precautions in this case as, constant installation, deletion and updation of apps in the System will eventually manifest itself through this error. Hence its best advised to install only the apps required and remove all unnecessary ones using specialist tools.

Methods to Solve

Method 1 :

User has to access Root Files to utilize this method. For this purpose it is required that a 3rd party software like Root Browser of ES File Explorer be installed on the device before proceeding.

  1. Download and Install the File explorer software (like Root Browser or ES File manager)
  2. From Settings, Navigate to Permissions Manager and provide the app with requisite access privilege
  3. Search for the Folder named DATA in the System Memory / Primary storage and open it
  4. Under DATA, locate another DATA Folder and open it
  5. Now, find the folder pertaining to the app or apps that are experiencing error 24 during updating.
  6. In general the folder will be named as “com.supercell.XYZ”, Where XYZ stands for the name of the name. This folder represents the cache of the app and contains the default settings and data pertaining to the app.
  7. Presence of this folder may be creating conflict with the new files that are being downloaded. Hence, delete the entire folder and reinitiate the installation process afresh form Google Play.
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Method 2 :

Many times due to error in Google Play store or in the app itself, the download process may be hindered. To avoid the Google Play Store and the subsequent Error 24 altogether. The user can download the same App in the form of APK files from the internet via various free app sharing websites. However, one must exercise cautions that downloading APK files form unknown websites is unsafe and can infect the device with malware or viruses. Moreover, compatibility issues may be created if proper files are not downloaded. Users may not be able to update the apps installed by this method.

Method 3 :

Generic solutions :
1. Try after some time
2. Restart the Device
3. Delete the Folders data/data in the installation directory and Reinstall the app
4. Clear Google Play Store and Google Play Services Cache from Apps menu in Settings

Method 4 :

Perform a full factory reset by visiting the Settings and then Privacy option. Ensure all personal files and photos are backed up properly before proceeding with the same. This is the only extreme solution if all other methods mentioned above fail.

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