Amazon To Shutdown Its Amazon Restaurants Business in the USA


Amazon Restaurant Shutdown

In 2015, Amazon started its food and beverage business named “Amazon Restaurants“. Later they launched in 20 other cities of the USA. In fact, Amazon later planned to extend the Amazon Resturant business in other places like London and England. After all these years, Amazon suddenly plans for Amazon Resturants shutdown.

For those who had Amazon Prime member could easily place the order through Amazon Takeaway service. All this happen in the Amazon Prime Now. In fact, the business was doing quite well. The actual problem started early this year leading to close the business.

Why Did Amazon Resturants Shutdown?

The new got its confirmation, when an Amazon Spokesperson said, “From June 24th, we will stop the Amazon Restaurant business in the United States.” Most of the employees who were with this business are transferred to a part of Amazon. On the other hand, the company has also helped other employees find a new job.

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