Microsoft & Taiwan University To Setup An AI Training Center


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We all know that AI is the future & Taiwan recently has focusing more on AI based project. Earlier this month we saw that the Taiwan Government is co working with NVIDIA to improve AI capability in Taiwan & later Pegatron announced their initiatives to make a robust AI based technology. With this, it is quite clear that in coming future Taiwan will be the leading county in AI based technology.

Talking about today; According to DigiTimes, Microsoft along with Taiwan university is working to setup a AI based training center, with focus on improving the AI usage in Taiwan and also with an aim to teach AI as a course/syllabus. By the time the course is over, you will get a Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) certification. This course will be done by August 2018 and to get the MPP certificate, students will have to work on practical projects. Initially they will be teaching 3 important courses that is data science and big data, and begin operation.

Taiwan has already started promoting this courses and have received around 3000 trainees. This will also be known as the beneficiary step taken by the Taiwan university, as said earlier that AI is the future. With this it is quite clear that we could see some more actions happening toward AI development in Taiwan. Also it is said that AI is going to open a major job opportunities for people around the world.

Microsoft Along With Taiwan University Will Teach AI In Their AI Training Center
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Microsoft Along With Taiwan University Will Teach AI In Their AI Training Center
AI is growing huge in Taiwan and the recent news that Microsoft with Taiwan government is opening an AI based Training center proves it.
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