Samsung Galaxy S9 Under Screen Fingerprint Scanner Patent Exposed !


We have been hearing a lot about the Under Screen Fingerprint Scanner that will be replacing the traditional old school ones embedded in the home key or located in the back. Qualcomm has already showcased this technology inside a Vivo Smartphone but, it still hasn’t been implemented in real life. But, a new exposure suggests that it may make it’s debut pretty soon inside the phone almost everyone is exited about.

Yes, we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S9. Recently a new S9 patent was filed in Korea that shows that the under screen fingerprint scanner might be in works for the device.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Under Screen Fingerprint Scanner Patent Exposed




Last time when Samsung pushed the Fingerprint Scanner at the side of the Camera, it became a design disaster. No one seemed to find it useful at that position & everyone was quite annoyed by those accidental Camera lens touches. This time if Samsung can bring on the Under Screen Fingerprint Scanner, that will be quite a relief from all those annoyances.

Anyway, this feature will likely be Hardware supported on both the Snapdragon 845 & the Exynos 8900. So, what Samsung needs now is to take the advantage of the Hardware & implement a full working under glass fingerprint scanning system. This is a feature that users have been asking for quite a while now & finally that hope gets some support to appear in Real Life use case scenarios.


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